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Drip Irrigation Ball Valve Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Drip watering The type of valve utilised in drip irrigation systems is the ball valve. Drip irrigation is a technique for watering plants that involves providing water in small, controlled volumes directly to the roots. This effective method of irrigation offers accurate watering for the best plant growth while minimising water waste. ball valve is a valve that regulates water flow by having a spherical disc inside. By rotating the ball inside the valve body, it is intended to either permit or prohibit flow. manufacturer of drip irrigation ball valves in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The water flow to individual emitters, drip lines, or zones is controlled by a ball valve, which is specifically made for use in drip irrigation systems.

In a drip irrigation system, a ball valve's primary function is to offer precise control over the water flow. You may control how much water is provided to various parts of your garden or landscape by twisting the valve. This is especially helpful if you have various plant species with variable water requirements.

Irrigation Ball Valve Supplier & Exporters in India

Ball valves for drip irrigation are frequently built of robust, corrosion-resistant materials that can tolerate outside conditions, such brass or plastic. For simple operation, they frequently have handles or levers that are easy to hold. A pressure regulator or filter may also be integrated into some ball valves, which will improve the efficiency of the drip irrigation system even further.

It's critical to install a drip irrigation ball valve Supplier & Exporters in Ahmedabad,India. in a location that allows for simple operation and maintenance. It ought to be put in place in the main supply line or at the intersections where various drip lines or zones diverge. A drip irrigation ball valve is an essential part of the system, allowing for control and flexibility in precisely delivering water.

Features Of Drip Irrigation Ball Valves

  • Full Bore ball valve.
  • Easy operation.
  • Saving cost and accelerating the project for the easy installation
  • Ageing resistant and long service life.
  • Making them suitable for outdoor use
  • Quick shut-off capabilities
  • built-in pressure regulators, filters, or indicators to monitor the valve's position.
  • including controlling water flow to individual zones, emitters, or drip lines.

Specification Of Irrigation Ball Valves

Rated Voltage 400 V AC, 50 Hz
Operating Voltage Range 380 V – 460 V
Rated Pulse Current 4.2 Amp
Power Consumption @ 10 Strokes/min 0.003 Units/Hr.
Impact Force 70 Kg (min)
Weight 15 Kg
Size 20-250 mm
Pressure High Pressure
Connector Type Threaded
Material HDPE.
Usage/Application Irrigation
Thickness 5-20 mm