Drip Irrigation Venturi in India

Manufacturer of Drip Irrigation Venturi in Ahmedabad

We Are Renuable Manufacturer ,Supplier of drip Irrigation venturi in Ahmedabad by Payal Irrigation Pvt Ltd. Drip Irrigation Venturin is a device used in drip irrigation systems to infuse fertilisers, chemicals, or other soluble additives into the water flow. It is also known as a fertiliser injector or a venturi injector. The venturi effect, a fundamental tenet of fluid dynamics, underlies its operation.  conical-shaped fitting called venturi injector has broader inlet and output ports and a narrow centre portion. Usually, sturdy, chemical-resistant materials like plastic or PVC are used to create it. In the irrigation system, the injector is installed in-line, often following the filter and pressure regulator.

very crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations while setting up and using a drip irrigation venturi to ensure optimum operation and prevent clogging or other problems. The venturi injector should also be frequently cleaned and maintained to avoid the formation of deposits that could impair its performance.

Drip Venturi Injector Supplier & Exporters in India

We Are provide an sufficient amount and prevent obstruction and utilising a drip venturi injector, it's vital to take into account variables like injector size, flow rate, and additive concentration. The venturi injector needs to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to avoid accumulation and preserve performance. Drip venturi injectors Manufacture, Supplier & Exporters in Ahmedabad, India may come in a variety of styles and brands. For the correct installation and use of the particular venturi injector you are using, it is advised that you consult the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines.

liquid or fertiliser solution is drawn from a different container or reservoir by the venturi effect's vacuum and combined with the main water flow. The drip emitters or micro-sprinklers in the irrigation system disperse the fertiliser or addition to the plants after being inhaled into the irrigation water.

Features Of Drip Irrigation Venturi

  • Accurate and proportional mixing of fertilizers or chemicals into the irrigation water, allowing for precise
  • Designed for Easy Installation
  • Swide range of water-soluble fertilizers, chemicals, and additives, allowing for flexibility in tailoring
  • throughout the irrigation system, reducing waste and optimizing the utilization of water and fertilizers.
  • main body of the injector, usually made of durable and chemical-resistant
  • venturi injector has inlet and outlet connections
  • built-in pressure regulators, filters, or indicators to monitor the valve's position.
  • including controlling water flow to individual zones, emitters, or drip lines.

Specification Of Drip Irrigation Venturi

Brand Payal Irrigation
Length 16Inch
Usage Irrigation Fitting
Weight 350 G
Country of Origin: Made in India
Model Green and Black
Model Number HT 115RS
Motive Flow 3920 L/H
Pressure 0.5 Kg/cm2 (In)
Material PVC
Type 2" Rotameter Venturi with Suction Port and Assembly
Water Suction 612 L/H

Advantages Drip Irrigation Venturi

  • injects the fertilizer or chemical directly into the system by just maintaining the right pressure differential.
  • The restriction diameter should not be less than 0.224 D, and not more than 0.742 D where D is the nominal bore diameter of the pipe.
  • High-pressure recovery.
  • It can be fixed in any orientation: inclined, horizontal, and vertical.
  • Less permanent pressure reduction.
  • Less cone angle and smooth construction help solid substances to move through it
  • High discharge coefficient.
  • It is much more accurate than the flow nozzle and orifice