Drip Irrigation Valve

Payal Irrigation Pvt. Ltd. gives every one of the major parts needed to fabricate a superior dribble drip irrigation control zone beginning from an AC or DC globe valve, hostile to siphon valve or a sprinkler riser. A total dribble drip irrigation control zone pack incorporates a valve, a channel and a pressing factor controller. Each can be chosen separately or found remembered for our total modified drip irrigation valve . The channel in the pack secures the dribble producers and dripline and the pressing factor controller (preset or flexible) takes into consideration a chose pressure range decrease to the suitable and predictable working water pressure range needed for the framework. Start your drip irrigation valve by choosing singular segments to make an altered control trickle zone or utilize one of Payal Irrigation Pvt. Ltd.' totally amassed drip irrigation valve control zone units.

We give total answer for Control and Safety Valves. Our elite trickle drip irrigation valve are with manual as well as programmed control. Our drip irrigation valve are financially savvy, simple to introduce and keep up with, esteem driven and redid for explicit prerequisite. We additionally gives turnkey administrations to overview, planning and establishment.